Friday, June 17, 2016

Here's Looking at You, Kid: Day 8 with the First Family of 2016

                                                          Green Heron Chicks in a Row

                                                 Three Green Heron Chicks on a Diagonal

                                           Two Juveniles(Left) Stirred Up By Adult(Right)

                                                               "Strike Up a Pose"

                                                              Adult Green Heron

                                                                  Juvenile Green Heron

                                                                 Juvenile Green Heron

                                                              Juvenile Green Heron
                                             Last Born Green Heron Juvenile of June 2016

                                                                Adult Green Heron

                                                               Juvenile Green Heron

                                                                Same Bird as Above


As can be observed, the chicks are getting older.  I believe that the youngest is the only one
now showing any downy tufts of feathers on the head.  They're all progressing nicely, a good
early group.  Chances are excellent that we could easily see three clutches from this family
during the summer, if good weather holds out and plenty of food is available.

Today the oldest bird left the younger ones on their own, returned for the other two, and only
the baby remained.

Birds are still very astute to their surroundings and miss nothing going on around them, a great
necessity for longevity.  The other is a strong will to survive, to which the baby is still a little
lacking in this regard.

However, they are all foraging well, and with time, all good things will happen for the First
Family of 2016.