Sunday, June 26, 2016

Day 5 For Green Heron Clutch #2: Life at The Southern Cove

                                                                 Green Heron Chick

                                                     Non-Breeding Adult Green Heron
                                                                 Green Heron Chick

                                                  Three Out of Four Green Heron Chicks

                                                                   Green Heron Chicks

                                                 Adult Green Heron in Breeding Plumage

                                                                 Green Heron Chicks


0650-0755 hrs./76-78 degrees F/sunny/12 mph S winds/71% RH

This is the fifth day that the oldest bird fledged, and all of them are very mobile and flighted,
even the youngest bird.  Even though the young one doesn't move about much, don't let it fool you.
It can move as rapidly as the rest of them, even having fledged two days prior.  It has also been spending a good amount of time feeding itself, besides learning its surroundings.

Again, these fledglings notice everything going on around them, especially the activity of the
surrounding birds.  This will make them astute regarding their own safety.  The youngest tends
to stay out of view a great deal, but that could have to do with the fact that its feathers are not protecting it from the sun yet due to its age.  The older ones don't seem to be having any difficulty
with the sun and heat.

Three adults have been observed, including a non-breeding bird.  Breeding birds have orange legs and are more brightly colored, so it is highly like that this could be one of the birds born last year
that is a helper to the parents.  The first clutch of birds last year wasn't born until July, which would make it a little young to be breeding.  The second clutch was born in August of last year, so it could
be a bird from either of those clutches.

An adult appears to have taken the elder fledgling prior to my arrival to school it in its development,