Saturday, June 25, 2016

Hold On to Your Hats--Green Heron Clutch #2 Has Arrived

                                                                 Eastern Kingbird

                                                                    Eastern Phoebe

                                                               Female Orchard Oriole

                                                             Great Crested Flycatcher

                                                          Green Heron Chick, Clutch 2

                                                                   Adult Green Heron

                                                  Three Out of Four Green Heron Chicks
                                                                         Clutch 2

                                                         Green Heron Chick, Clutch 2

                                                                  "Balancing Act"


                                                    Adult Green Heron with Three Chicks

                                                         Adult Green Heron Flies Off

                                                                  Adult Green Heron


0920-1038 hrs./82-85 degrees F/partly cloudy(mostly cloudy prior to these shots)/light and variable winds

The first chick on the second clutch fledged on Tuesday, but it must have been after I left the area.
I missed the next couple of days due to a change in my work schedule, and on Friday, the whole
clutch of Green Herons was there to entertain us.

At best, only three adult Green Herons have been observed, plus one of the previous immatures from the original clutch.

Since all birds were observed together, only the final bird from this family fledged on this date.  All four birds are flighted to some degree and are moving about quite well.  They are also all feeding on their own, which is what herons do.  The adult birds have all been in attendance, observing the progress of the young ones.

It was not apparent at first, but the nest is low on the nest tree and with all the movement of the chicks, is now readily found.  Two of them returned to it, the youngest of the four.

A lot of activity was observed each time an adult went to the area of the youngsters, and all of them were observed with good posturing and balance.  Nothing appeared out of the ordinary and their progress is excellent.  All birds have been coming out on their own shortly after daybreak.