Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Melody of Winter, Part One

                                                         Great Blue Heron Stretches

                                                          Northern Mockingbird Poses

                                                       Great Blue Heron Shows Off

                                                                Male Canvasback

                                                                  Cackling Goose

                                                                Carolina Chickadee

                                                   Two Females and One Male Canvasback

46-50 degrees F/0830-0930/partly cloudy/20 mph winds

As we begin the biguine for the season, life is calm yet full of life on the lake.  The Cackling Goose is a rare visitor here, and this one was a stunning example.  They are generally with groups of traveling Canada Geese, and this was was clearly posing, like George Washington on the Potomac.

Help Protect Some of the Rarest Bird Species in the Americas

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Most Notable Highlights of Our Second Day of Christmas Bird Count

                                                                 Great Blue Heron

                                                      Two Tom Turkeys with Hen

                                                    Two Tom Turkeys with Another Hen

                                                               Greater Roadrunner


36-46 degrees/partly cloudy/light and variable winds/0730-1430

This was our second day of the Christmas Bird Count, and here are some of the notable mentions
on this date.  My highlight was the Greater Roadrunner, which I had first seen last spring.  This
character was posing for me today instead of running.  There was a ground of sixty turkeys seen first thing in the morning, and the displays were impressive.  There were only these two males among
females.  Last but not least, here are a few steer that happened to be in the area.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

121414 SNP Edition, Life at Boomer Lake

Sooner Lake Christmas Bird Count and Vicinity

                                                              Bald Eagle in Nest

                                                                   Bald Eagle

                                                        Sheep(Across From Eagle's Nest)

                                                 Brahma Bull(Nearly Under Eagle's Nest)

                                                      Recently Born Lamb with Mother

Lamb Close Up

48-54 degrees/mostly Cloudy/35 mph wind gusts/0800-1700 hrs.

This was my first participation in Audubon's Christmas Bird Count and we had a 15-mile square
area near Sooner Lake.  We observed a number of beds, including Red-tailed, Harlan's, Cooper's   Hawks, a Prairie Falcon, Kestrels, Bald Eagles, numerous passerines, Canada Geese, an assortment of ducks, etc.  There will be more coming up on Saturday, so do stay tuned.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Pre-Season Shenanigans

                                                             Lewis's Woodpecker


                                                             Great Blue Heron


                                                              Northern Mockingbird

                                                                     Canada Goose

                                                               White-tailed Deer

This has been a rather rough week, trying to get some light in the fog, but as you can see, a few
things managed to appear for me to set my sights on.  And there are also some special things in the works, so we'll see what more the future holds.  So in the meantime, keep on breathing and
get out your binoculars and cameras, as the fun is about to begin for the Christmas Bird Count.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Western Grebe Pays Rare Visit

                                                          Two Bufflehead Males

                                                         Male Bufflehead Taking Flight

                                                                  Western Grebe

                                                                   Western Grebe

11-30-14/0800-0930/partly cloudy/15-20 mph winds

The Western Grebe comes to visit occasionally, but this is the first time that conditions were good in order to obtain a few decent photos.  This bird is not in breeding plumage yet, but will be soon enough. By the time that happens, he or she will be gone.  I see them ever December, but they are rare visitors to the area.

Last and Final Issue of Payne County Audubon Society Feathers Newsletter--My Column on Page 6