Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Life In the Breeding Season Lane at Boomer Lake

                                                                 Brown Thrasher


                                                 Male Great-tailed Grackle and Fledgling

                                                         Great-tailed Grackle Fledgling

                                                                   Green Heron Adult

                                                                      Eastern Phoebe

                                                                   Eastern Phoebe

                                                                   American Robin

                                                                     Barn Swallow

                                                               Red-winged Blackbird

First Half June 2018

There has been a great deal of activity this year, not that there was appreciably less last year, BUT there were less birds.  Every year, though, some species tend to outweigh others, and this year is no different.

Some species arrived a little earlier, set up at nesting sites, but didn't begin nesting until the usual time.  Other species began nesting right away and lost clutches due to a spring cold snap, but the important thing is that they tried again.

With our earth heating up as it is, it is going to be trial and error, especially when it comes to birds that has a relationship with water, namely shores and beaches, as their food supply is drifting northeast where it is cooler.

This is a small sample of breeding birds and fledglings, as well as nesting birds that are doing their jobs as best they can in a somewhat trying time were they must make adjustments for extra heat and food sources.

All the birds shown are generalist species, not specialists, who will have a more difficult time.  Will they survive as time marches on?  We'll see, and if they do--like the Greater and Lesser Prairie Chickens and other prairie specialties, they will have to make adjustments, which they are not used to doing.

Like you, I certainly hope that they can.

Monday, June 18, 2018

The Evils of Neonicotinoids and GMO Seeds

For a decade, I have been explaining the problems with pesticides and herbicides.  They create runoff into every body of water that there is and there is no stopping them unless you refuse to use them.  This is why there is a Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico and the hazards are only going to increase.  If only you did a blood test to detect these chemicals, you would understand.

The very animals and insects that you are trying to save are only being destroyed by the plants that you are growing in your gardens.  You are also doing that to yourselves, if you are eating the vegetables that you grow, too, unless they are heirloom seeds or GMO Free.

Watch the video to get a clear picture of how the EPA is not protecting us, and how Big Ag is calling the shots.

Nearly Extinct Brown Fish Owl Rescued In Southern Turkey