Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Green Heron Chick Growth Process

06-13-16 Day 5

0657-0838 hrs./73-75 degrees F/cloudy/light and variable winds/86% RH

Since these are all topical, I have refrained from naming the species.  Also for this reason, it had
been cloudy and there was a good chance for rain, so I took the best of these shots obtained.
Possibly in view of the weather as well, all the Green Herons did was just sit around.


0655-0839 hrs./incremental cloudiness/10 mph southeast winds/87% RH

This was another cloudy day, where the sun was in-and-out, mostly in.  It was a relatively quiet
day, but a parent took the two eldest birds away from the cove.  There was an attempt to locate
them in the area, but it was not possible to determine their whereabouts.  The two youngest birds stayed together in the area for about half an hour, then the youngest left the area, running up a limb to the nest tree.

Fortunately, it was a good day in that a good photo of three of the Green Heron chicks could be
obtained together.  This gives one an approximate idea on how they are aging, especially when one notes the lessening of downy feathers upon their heads as they get older.  It is even possible for the
layperson to determine which birds are the oldest.