Thursday, June 16, 2016

Day 7 with the Green Heron Family

                                                         Last Born Green Heron Chicks

                                                          All four Green Heron Chicks!

                                                  Three Out of Four Green Heron Chicks

                                               Second and Third Born Green Heron Chicks


0650-0800 hrs./76-80 degrees F, feels like 86/sunny/10 mph S winds/82% RH

This was an excruciatingly hot day, but these neotropical migrants are used to heat, even
newly born birds, as it is genetic.  Again, the oldest went of with a parent, and the rest
of the young ones stood by to wait for their return.  Here's what they did, as today was a
day of observation for the younger birds.

These juveniles take in everything that they see, no matter what it is.  Larger birds are a
perceived threat, and smaller birds and insects are a sight of curiosity.  It may appear in the
photos that these little ones are really doing nothing, but they are taking in a lot of information,
which prepares them for their future as an adult, IF they make it that far.  Half of the baby birds
don't survive their first season, as migration takes a toll on their bodies.