Sunday, November 22, 2015

112215 SNP Edition, Life at Boomer Lake

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Winter is Coming, Say the Birds of the Season

                                                                American Goldfinch

                                                                     American Robin

                                                          Yellow-rumped Warbler

                                                              Yellow-rumped Warbler

                                                                     Field Sparrow

1200-1530 hrs./44-47 degrees F/partly cloudy/18 mph wind gusts

These are mostly shots at The Northern Reaches, which I suspected was going to be "that" kind
of day. It was a rather chilly day, by the standards of a northern transplant, so I expected a day of interest.  My feelings were not disappointed.

Waterbirds were on the lake proper, and there were plenty of sparrows and berry eaters awaiting
a  feast, which they received at The Reaches.  It was a good day of cajoling and cavorting, and tomorrow should be just as good, if not better.  Stay tuned!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Waterbirds, Corvidae, Raptors, and Songbirds Wish to Greet You

                                                              White-throated Sparrow

                                                               American Goldfinch

Saturday, 11-14-15
0710-1020 hrs./40-56 degrees F/partly cloudy/light and variable winds

This was a day of great interest, as many birds were out enjoying the day once it warmed up.
Canvasbacks and the Cackling Goose were on the water early, the corvidae(jays, crows, magpie clan) were not to be outdone, and the raptors were in tow.  Sparrows were well-represented, as were songbirds.

Plenty of birds are still out there to be enjoyed even as the cold begins setting in, so get out there to enjoy them.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Cedar Waxwings Make a Boisterous Fall Entrance

                                                             White-throated Sparrow

                                                                 Female House Finch

                                                           Yellow-rumped Warbler

                                               Slate-colored Junco and Chipping Sparrow

                                                         Female Slate-colored Junco

                                                             Yellow-rumped Warbler

                                                               Slate-colored Junco
                                                     Under Umbrella of Collective Term
                                                                 Dark-eyed Junco

                                                                   Cedar Waxwing

                                                             Juvenile Cedar Waxwing

                                                             White-throated Sparrow

Tuesday, 11-03-15
0650-1010 hrs./55-65 degrees F/partly cloudy/18 mph winds dropping to light and variable winds

This was an exemplary day, noting the arrival of 46 Cedar Waxwings, including juveniles.  This
was also the the second day of a low pressure system and the sun did its best to come through the clouds, but wasn't able to stay for long, providing a very challenging time for pictures.  Among this crowd was the White-throated Sparrow, close to a dozen Slate-colored Juncos, which falls under the collective term of Dark-eyed Junco.  Juncos have several subspecies, and even though I wished to be in the presence of the Gray-headed Junco, it was not to be.  A couple of Chipping Sparrows popped
out from the mix, so there were definitely no complaints.

There were an easy dozen Yellow-rumped Warblers, allowing good clicks, a pair of House Finches, but no superb rarity.  I do get my share of those, but this wasn't the day for it.

There could be something in store over the weekend, but time will tell.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Birds of Fall Await You

                                                            Yellow-rumped Warbler

                                                                  Eastern Bluebird

                                                               Eastern Towhee, Red-eyed

0640-1015/50-62 degrees F/partly cloudy to sunny/light and variable winds

This is day two after a low pressure system that hasn't cleared until today, and all of these birds were
located at The Northern Reaches.  Being the first day of the time change, it didn't hurt that I was out
in the field an hour early.  The birds were out in full force and they were hungry.  Our migrants are still coming in, and I was counting high on all the birds, except the lone little Eastern Towhee, which is a rare bird in this area.  Usually we have the Spotted Towhee, which is basically the same, except it has white spots on the wings.  For some reason, I get more than my share of rarities, so it always pays
to have one's eyes open.

Look around for the sparrows, as they are coming though now, so they will be more apparent, especially the Song Sparrow and Dark-eyed Junco.  These two birds tend to spend the cool seasons with us, just like the Yellow-rumped Warbler, which is the only warbler that will be in the country over the winter.

Welcome to the cooler time of year with a small current sampling of what you will see.  There will still be plenty of old favorites for you to get black-oil sunflower seeds for.  Enjoy the birds this winter!

110115 SNP Edition, Life at Boomer Lake