Thursday, June 30, 2016

Green Herons Preparing For Clutch 3 in New Tree with Nestbuilding and Babies On the Move

Monday, 06-27-16
77 degrees F/0937-1002 hrs./cloudy with drizzle/85% RH/light and variable winds

Looking out the window, I bided my time until enough light shown through the cloud cover to
give me just enough to get a few photos of my favorite family.  Having researched these birds for
three years now, it isn't a good idea to skip days, unless one just cant be there.  Behavior is like the
need for a clock to get to one's engagements:  it is a necessity of life.

Unfortunately, my session was terminated easy due to precipitation, but at least I am able to show
how the birds are growing and behaving.

They were on their own today, for whatever reason the adults deemed necessary.


Tuesday, 06-28-16

0650-0930 hrs./73-87 degrees F/partly cloudy/light and variable winds

For unknown reasons, the young birds were nearly as high as they could gain a tree, very
unusual for them.  Later, the youngest bird of the clutch was discovered in the second photo.

                                                                  Adult Green Heron

                                                                    Adult Green Heron

                                                                 Adult Green Heron

                                                                 Adult Green Heron
                                                              With Nesting Material


                                                        Juvenile Green Heron with Twig

06-30-16, Today

0653-0829 hrs./77-79 degrees/mostly cloudy/light and variable winds

Having been forced to be inside the entire day yesterday, I was aching to get to the lake to
observe the Green Heron family.

The youngsters were found readily available, along with three adults on full view.  A large
period of time was spent photographing mostly the youngsters, and then I observed a great deal
of movement with the adults, including the fact that one of the immatures is behaving like a
breeding adult, which would make sense with it being the end of June.  This bird has come into
adulthood and has a mate.

Two of the original adults that birthed both of our current clutches are now building a nest in a
third tree, still in the vicinity of the other two.  The second mated pair was watching, and it is possible that they could have been doing the same thing.  As it stands, watching four healthy and rambunctious juveniles as well as two nesting birds, I had no option to forgo quite as much attention on the other two birds.  This was my first time at trying to observe eight Green Herons at the same

Behavior for all birds was exceptional, in that the juveniles paid attention to every detail in their own little world, and were quite interested in what the adults were doing.  At one point, as seen here, two of the young birds made it to a log on the north side of the cove and watched the adults retrieve sticks for the new nest.  I could hear them snapping off the thin branches in the trees.

One of the young birds, in its attempt to emulate the adults, picked up a small branch.