Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Deep Woods of Boomer Creek and Green Herons Take Charge

                                                                  Two Raccoon Kits

                                                    Oldest Fledgling Green Heron, Day 1

                                                                Green Heron Parent

                                                                     Great Egret

                                                                 Mother Raccoon

                                                                   Eastern Phoebe

                                                          Green Heron Chicks, Day 2

                                                                Green Heron Chick

                                                         Oldest Green Heron Chick
                                                            Exercises Those Wings

                                                                Green Heron Chick
                                                   Just Fledged and Can Fly Respectably

                                                         Adult Red-bellied Woodpecker

                                                       Juvenile Red-bellied Woodpecker

June 10/11, 2016
74-84 degrees F/0700-1025 hrs./partly cloudy/12 mph S winds

A good portion of these photos were taken in the deep woods of Boomer Creek, which
includes the raccoon family, Eastern Phoebe, Great Egret, and the Red-bellied Woodpeckers.

You have all been waiting for news of the Green Heron chicks, who are all doing very well.
As of this post today, there are four beautiful, healthy chicks.  After a minor setback with an
uninitiated boater/fisherman that frightened them off, they have come back with a vengeance.
For starters, these chicks are three weeks earlier than those of last year.  Secondly, the parents
are seasoned birds and know how to raise a family.  As a matter of fact, they have done so well,
the youngsters were flying after two days out of the nest.  The birds being viewed here are the first two chicks, the oldest of the clutch.

As you can see with these chicks, they have white, downy feathers on their heads, short wings, and
their breast and neck feathers are very streaked.