Saturday, July 2, 2016

A Green Heron's Work Is Never Done And Boomer Creek Action

                                                                 Green Heron Adult

                                                            Second Green Heron Adult

                                                        Juvenile Green Heron, Clutch 2

                                                            Third Green Heron Adult

                                                              Green Heron Adult 2

                                                        Juvenile Green Heron 2, Clutch 2

                                                                 Green Heron Adult 3

                                                                   Green Heron Adult 1

                                                      Juvenile Mallard Brigade of Eight

                                                                    Male Bell's Vireo

                                                                 Brown Thrasher Adult

                                                           Juvenile Great-tailed Grackle

                                                                   Five Lined Skink

                                                          Male Brown-headed Cowbird

0815-1215 hrs./75-98 degrees F/partly cloudy/12 mph SW winds

The early morning held heavy cloud cover, which finally lifted so I could go out, be it a little
later.  However, the wait was worth it, and my Green Herons were mostly all there, save for the
two oldest youths, who were likely out doing preparatory adult activities.

All four adults were at the nesting area, two of which were adding the finishing touches to
site #3.  The third and fourth adults were holding back.  It is uncertain if they have a nest or
still have not yet started one.  One of the second set of adults just saw adulthood, so a nest site
for those two might still be a little premature.

Great Blue Heron attempted to come to the area, but observed that those damn Green herons were
there, and left.  This older bird has been dealing with them for the past three years now, and has done
the polite thing this year, by simply backing off.  He attempted to share space with the Green Herons in the past, but it was obvious that he was agitated by it.

There were a conservative forty Mallards on the lake proper, approximately fourteen juveniles, and the remainder adults.  Some were transitioning into adult male plumage for the first time, and those were quite a forlorn and gangly sight.

The creek had four Turkey Vultures riding thermals, an adult female Mallard with her nearly grown four juveniles, and two juvenile Brown Thrashes, a young Eastern Phoebe, a few juvenile Great-tailed Grackles, and the elusive Yellow-billed Cuckoo with a sighting of the Great Crested Flycatcher's backside.  The Red-headed Woodpecker made a couple of brief appearances, and the Black-and-white, as well as thew Prothonotary Warblers were heard going about their daily business.
A recently fledged Warbling Vireo was observed with a parent, and a single Great Blue Heron was on
the water.

Several skinks were found, most likely enjoying the warmth of the day, and the one pictures were in a semi-rotted stump.

The Brown-headed Cowbirds are usually always in the vicinity of cavity nesters, as well as the Bell's Vireo.  If they are seen lurking about, chances are excellent that there is at least one active nest of interest.