Saturday, July 27, 2013

                                                            Great Egret in Flight


                                                                  Wild Flower

                                        Great Egret on Fishing Expedition, Northern Reaches

                                                         Dickcissel in Flight


                                                     Red Eared Sliders, Morning's Glow

                                                          Immature Brown Thrasher

A rare morning for me to be out, and there were some wonderful specimens out.  Today is partly cloudy, 72 degrees, 15 mph wind, and filled with life and beauty.  The charm today was with the Dickcissel, who cares not if I am in his space or not.  This bird is used to me, and with any luck, I can obtain some better in flight shots.  I managed two today, neither of which is any great shakes, but it is encouraging, as they are tough to capture in any kind of sunlight.  It must be their coloring.