Friday, July 19, 2013

                                                        Great Blue Heron in Tree

                                                             Marsh Rabbit Hiding

                                                   Female Red-winged Blackbird Backlit

                                                      Playful Young Marsh Rabbit

                                                                 Cicada Shell


                                                           Butterfly in Shadows

   This was work over the past three days in the evening.  It was in the mid-90's with  light breeze, but pretty darn hot when a dark camera is up to one's face.  Surprisingly, many birds have not been around.

  However, there have been very large numbers of Purple Martins, and they have since abandoned many of the man-made shelters at Boomer Lake.  Does it have something to do with the fall migration this soon?  Only time will tell.  There was a comprehensive article in National Wildlife, published by the National Wildlife Federation, indicating that these birds need more help than ever for houses and nest boxes.  Populations have dropped considerably for forty years, and nobody really knows why.  Speculation is that fewer people have been installing nest boxes, and perhaps even the pesticide use in South America could have an impact on these wonderful birds.  A swallow expert at the University of Tulsa, Charles Brown, says that these birds are very susceptible to climate change.  He said that the Great Plains experienced one of the coldest springs on record, which could have something to do with the martin anomaly.

If at all possible think about putting up a martin house or two on your property if you have them in your area.  It might just help the populations of these birds return to higher levels than what we are experiencing now.  These delightful birds are something that we don't want to lose in our lifetimes.  Thanks in advance for your consideration.