Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Rarer Photos of the Secret Life of a Green Heron, Including Feeding the Young

                                                        Green Heron Juvenile, Clutch 2

                                                          Green Heron Chicks, Clutch 3
                                                              Emerging From Nest Tree

                                                             Green Heron Chick, Clutch 3

                                                          Green Heron Juvenile, Clutch 2
                                                                          With Fish

                                                       Green Heron Juvenile, Clutch 2
                                                                       "Who, Me?"

                                                             Mallard Hen, Transitioning
                                                                From Juvenile Plumage

                                                          Green Heron Juvenile, Clutch 2

                                                        Green Heron Chicks, Clutch 3
                                                Hoping That the Food Is Being Delivered

                                                         Green Heron Chicks, Clutch 3
                                                               "Is That a Full Crop?"

                                                    Green Heron Adult With Clutch 2
                                                                  "Feeding Frenzy"

                                                    Green Heron Adult Leaving Clutch 2

                                                              Green Heron Adult Resting

                                                         Green Heron Chicks, Clutch 3
                                                                  "Where's Lunch?"

                                                          Green Heron Chick, Clutch 3
                                                             "You Can Wait, I'm Not!"

                                                                 Green Heron Adult
                                                        "Luke, I'm NOT Your Father!"

                                                            First Summer Green Heron
                                                             "I'm Stayin' Out of This!"

                                                                   Green Heron Adult
                                                             Cleansing Mouth From Slurry

                                                                    Green Heron Adult
                                                                   Heading For Clutch 3

                                                                     Green Heron Adult

                                                                     Great Blue Heron

Yesterday--Monday, 07-11-16

70-73 degrees F/0700-0755/partly cloudy/12 mph ESE wind gusts

The weather was reasonably pleasant, yet the breeze was not obtrusive enough to deter the
Green Herons from going about normal daily business.  As can be seen,  it was a very active day
with a good amount of flight as well as a couple of feeding opportunities.  Today, it didn't matter
whose juveniles were being fed, they were just being nourished, as is evident in a co-operative
species.  However, I was VERY surprised to see clutch 2 being fed, as they are very capable of
feeding themselves.

This includes some rather rare photos of observing an adult feeding young birds.  They eat, then
they regurgitate the food to feed the youngsters, which makes it closer to digestive consistency
for young birds.  It is somewhat like the type of food that a human baby would eat, but not quite as civilized.

After each feeding, the adult rests for a period of time and cleans the slurry from its mouth along
with digestive juices.  It then composes itself for the next onslaught, if there is any left.  After clutch
2 ate, the chicks from clutch 3 also were fed, then off the adult went in search of more delectables.

The eldest chick from clutch 2 has not been around for several days, no doubt making its own way
in the world.

Now all we need to do is wait for clutch 4.