Thursday, July 28, 2016

All's Quiet Before the Proverbial Storm--NOT!!

                                                       Green Heron Juvenile, Clutch 3

                                                         1st Summer Green Heron
                                                              In the Clutch 4 Tree

                                                            1st Summer Green Heron


                                                       Green Heron Juvenile, Clutch 3

                                                              1st Summer Green Heron

                                                        Green Heron Juvenile, Clutch 3


0700-0830 hrs./75-80 degrees F  (feels like 89)/partly cloudy/10 mph S winds/72% RH

There is no question that we have another Green Heron nest in the center tree.  If you notice
in the photo, a 1st summer bird is standing in it and several times I have observed older birds
walking the branch to it and dropping into the nest to feed the youngsters.

The youngest clutch 3 member, or "the baby," is still at home and not really interested in
moving from the area.

It was a relatively quiet day, which could have something to do with the extreme heat, and it is
most apparent that there is a nest to me.

                                                          Green Heron Juvenile, Clutch 3

                                                      Male Yellow-headed Blackbird


0700-0838 hrs. (feels like 88)/77-83 degrees F/partly cloudy/10 mph S winds/85-70% RH

The heat was sweltering, even in the early morning, yet it was in my best interests to look
around the lake and see what else I could find.  This Yellow-headed Blackbird was in the same vicinity where I saw one in the spring, but it was much closer.  As a matter of fact, it was so close,
I didn't even need binoculars to realize what it was.  This bird was in the company of a gaggle of Canada Geese, just looking for insects.

                                                          1st Summer Green Heron

                                                         Green Heron Juvenile, Clutch 3

                                                             1st Summer Green Heron

                                                                    Ditto, Pose 2

                                                                    Ditto, Pose 3

                                                             Ditto, Wind Gust at Rear

                                                                    Ditto, New Perch


0700-0900 hrs./78-84 degrees F  (feels like 89)/sunny/84% RH/8 mph S winds

Besides feeding the young, even though it was hot, there was more activity at The Cove.
The 1st Summer bird doing the feeding is now old enough to be a parent, which has already
crossed my mind.  There are two first summer birds, which would be half last year's crop, so
it is very conceivable that they now have a nest in waiting.  If it is a smaller clutch, then I will
feel even more sure that this upcoming nest belongs to a first-time parent.

                                                                  Great Blue Heron



0705-0824 hrs./78-82 degrees/sunny/light and variable winds

This is a friend of mine, who I have been calling Buddy since I have been photographing on the
lake, which began in 2012.  I have a lot of pictures of Buddy, who really does enjoy showing off.

He was under the impression that the Green Herons had their young and were done, so knowing all
these birds as I do, I was highly amused at the prospect of his arrival, thinking that he could happily
regain his turf.  Since I know that there is at least one clutch of Green Herons and he didn't, I was
anxious to observe his reactions when he saw some new young birds.

                                                                Greater Roadrunner

                                                                   Domestic Ducks
                                                                     "My Escorts"


0650-0850 hrs./78-84 degrees F (feels like 90)/sunny/light and variable S winds/60% RH

After viewing The Southern Cove and noticing no activity, I walked as far as Goose
Island to see if there was any new activity, which I really did expect.  I didn't have to wait
long, as on my return trip, I observed a Greater Roadrunner not far from the southernmost jetty.
The bird appeared disturbed by something, as his movements were erratic.  I had seen a couple
of men operating a remote controlled speedboat, and made it a point to thank them for not
trying to frighten some nearby domestic ducks.

The boaters had moved to the north side of the same jetty, and the roadrunner was making his
way toward me.  He could hear the boat engine and was confused, since most roadies are
somewhat familiar with cars.  The way that he was behaving, it appeared that he knew that there
was no roadway near his location, yet the sound of the engine was unmistakable.  He found a
spot where he could peer beyond the grass at the water, and was not happy with the water toy.

These were the ducks that were in the area of the remote controlled boat.  The came toward me and walked with me on the grass for quite some time.  They haven't been around the lake long, having
originally been in the company of an Emden goose, so they are quite used to people.

Another note of the day was the observance of three Mississippi Kites, which is the most that I have
seen together at the lake this year.  More should be moving in shortly, especially with the growing cicada population.  These kites are insect eaters.

                                                             1st Summer Green Heron



0705-0845 hrs./84-87 degrees F/partly cloudy/10 mph S winds/72% RH

There was quite a bit of activity today, a lot of flight and general chaos, and that tells
me that clutch 4 should soon be out and about.