Saturday, July 16, 2016

Waiting and Watching For Clutch 4

                                                               Green Heron 1st Summer

                                                           Green Heron Chick, Clutch 3

                                                       Green Heron Juvenile, Clutch 2

                                                Followed By Green Heron Chick, Clutch 3

                                                  Another Green Heron Chick, Clutch 2

                                                            Green Heron Chick, Clutch 3

                                                        1st Summer Green Heron Feeding
                                                         Green Heron Juvenile, Clutch 2

                                                                       Second in Series

                                                                         Third in Series

                                                                         Fourth in Series

                                                                      Fifth in Series

                                                                      Sixth in Series
                                                                 "Escape Successful"


                                                         Green Heron Chicks, Clutch 3

                                                              1st Summer Green Heron


                                                                Yellow-billed Cuckoo

                                                            Green Heron Chick, Clutch 2

                                                     Green Heron Chick, Clutch 2 Bird 2

0742-0910 hrs./71-75 degrees F/partly cloudy/light NE winds/81% RH

It appears that we MIGHT just have two 1st summer birds helping the adults with their
first two clutches this season.  There's a good chance that I have been seeing two birds and
assuming that it is one, but I have a slight clue with photos that I am observing more than one.  I have put two photos side-by-side and there is what appears to be a slight difference in ages.  Naturally, I will be watching more, but there is a high probability that this is a correct assumption, which would explain how two birds could handle all those feedings.  Doing feedings is very strenuous work, as I indicated in the previous post.

The weather has cooled down a bit in the morning, so clutch 3 has been more active.  The fact that their feathers are growing rapidly and filling in also protects them from the suns rays, and they have been interacting more with clutch 2.  They are also noticing more, and the eldest has been getting around to nearby trees, as well as obtaining his/her own food.  The other two have been relying on being fed, but feedings are slowing down in view of the fact that more young birds are on the way.

Clutch 2 birds have also been exploring the immediate area, as well as going fishing with older
birds and adults, so they are progressing as they should.  It also appears that they are trying to learn and help out with soon-to-fledge youngsters, which will help them next year with their own babies.

The last two photos are of two of the clutch 2 birds in the rear of their birth location.  The Yellow-billed Cuckoo was also seen and heard in this area, along with the Red-bellied Woodpecker and
several yellow-shafted Northern Flickers.  A couple of Warbling Vireos have been heard and occasionally seen out here, too, in this wonderfully rich deciduous tree locale.