Sunday, July 3, 2016

Clutch 3 Makes an Early Appearance--Clutch 4 Remains in the Wings

                                                            Adult Green Heron (top)    
                                                       Juvenile From Clutch 2 (bottom)

                                                           Juvenile From Clutch 2 (top)
                                                           Adult Green Heron (Bottom)

                                                                 Adult Green Heron

                                                                 Second Born Fledgling
                                                                          Clutch 3

                                                                 Second Born Fledgling
                                                                          Clutch 3

                                                                   Second Born Fledgling
                                                                            Clutch 3

                                                           Second Born Fledgling (Left)
                                                             First Born Fledgling (Right)

                                                                    Clutch 1 Juvenile

                                                                  First Born, Clutch 3

                                                                   First Born, Clutch 3
                                                                     Exercising Wings

                                                                     First Born, Clutch 3

                                                                    First Born, Clutch 3

                                                                      First Born, Clutch 3

                                                                  All Birds That Emerged
                                                                         From Clutch 3

                                                                Adult Green Heron
                                              (After Observing Birds Out From Clutch 3)

                                                               Last Born Bird, Clutch 2

                                                               Last Born Bird, Clutch 2

                                                              Two Birds From Clutch 2

                                                                           Same Birds

                                                      Receiving Instructions From Adult

                                                               Two Birds From Clutch 1


                                                           Closeup, Left Bird (Clutch 1)

                                                           Parental Instructions For One
                                                          Bird to Move to Tree on Right

                                                         Senior Clutch 1 Bird From Left

                                                              Original Clutch 1 Bird and
                                                                  Second Bird From Log

                                                                Remaining Bird on Log
                                                      With Transitional Immature Mallard

0815-1000 hrs./71 degrees F/partly cloudy to mostly cloudy/light and variable winds

Today proved to be an eventful morning shortly after an overnight rained ceased and a little
sun came through the clouds.  It appeared to be a normal day at first, when one second clutch
Green Heron and an adult were present.

Immature birds were positioned in trees along with three adults, and another adult flew in to
main breeding grounds.  A lot of verbal activity ensued and finally after an adult flew to one
of the nest sites one of the 2nd clutch birds appeared to be in a panic.  It was soon learned that
the young birds from clutch 3, which I didn't even realize existed, had fledged.  They could not
be contained by the members of clutch 2, who needed help with them.

For a short time, they were contained and returned from whence they came, as there were a couple
of instances when they nearly lost their balance.  This could have resulted in their demise or injury.
Everything worked out well, and as can be seen from the photographs, how the story played out.

All ended well, and clutch 3 was a wondrous surprise.