Saturday, January 2, 2016

First of Year Spectacular Shots

                                                                 American Coot

                                                                 American Robin

                                                                   Slate-colored Junco

                                                        Yellow-shafted Northern Flicker

                                                                       Song Sparrow

                                                                Hooded Mergansers

                                                     Immature Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

                                                              Red-shouldered Hawk

0730-1238 hrs./30-47 degrees F/partly cloudy/light and variable winds

Late yesterday afternoon, came a long awaited walk, but today was a serious day for
birding.  As you can see, five hours was devoted to my passion, and my wonderful
players gave a superb show.  I was alerted to those beautiful mergansers several days ago,
and even though they were across the lake, luck would have it that my camera was able to
perform and give us something to see.

Many of these were obtained at The Northern Reaches, like the immature Yellow-bellied
Sapsucker, which does just that:  it drills holes for sap wells and it drinks the sap.  There are
a couple of adults around, and I'm almost certain that this youngster was born there last year.

I have yet to get a nice photo of the Ruby-crowned Kinglet, but he was very excited today and displayed his rarely shown red crown.  The pictures are not good enough to post, but once this
bird gets used to me and realize that I mean him no harm, I will get that photo.

Plenty of Great Blue Herons were away from the rookery, available in both locations, the park
as well as The Northern Reaches.  As winter gets colder, they will be skating on the ice.

I was told that both eagles were surveying their territory, but I only saw one.  The sun was shining
upon him, which made my photo a little washed out.

There was a lot of birding activity, even with the eagle in residence, yet most birds realize that
these largesse prefer fish over them.

Let's see what tomorrow brings...