Tuesday, January 12, 2016

As the Cool Wind Blows, the Stars Come Out of Hiding

                                                             Ruby-crowned Kinglet

                                                             Female Northern Cardinal

                                                                 Harris's Sparrow

                                                                Carolina Chickadee

                                                           Female Northern Cardinal

                                                       Bald Eagle Pair(Male on the right)

                                                               Ruby-crowned Kinglet

                                                     Immature Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

31-42 degrees F/0750-1050 hrs./partly cloudy/light and variable winds

Most of these photos were from today, but the first two belonged to Monday.  The Bald Eagle
pair was seen through the trees a half mile away, so I meandered out that way in order to obtain
a rare shot, since they are not seen together often.  Since they rely on fish, none of the area birds
were bothered by their presence, and fearlessly went about their business.

Mr. Ruby-crowned Kinglet is getting quite familiar with me, and usually as soon as he sees me,
he swing over to say hello.

The sparrows have settled into the area for the winter, but most of them aren't there every day.
If I had to pick the most common, I would have to say over the years that it has been the
ubiquitous Song Sparrow, who I can see anywhere from twice to six times a day on a good day.

We're now in for a little warming trend, so let me get back to you on the weekend to see if anything
changes.  The ducks have been coming in,m but I am not seeing the numbers that I normally
encounter for the winter.