Friday, August 2, 2013

                                                               Unknown plant

                                                                      Live Cicada


                                                                    Cattle Egret

                                         Two out of Eight Cattle Egrets with Canada Goose

                                                                Wild Honeysuckle

                                                                   Gulf Fritillary

                                                 Next Door "Neigh"bor, Beebee



  Early Morning/Very Overcast/82 degrees/No Wind

I have NEVER seen eight Cattle Egrets before, but I was unable to get a good shot of them all together.  I selected a couple which were "okay," but that's about as far as that goes.  A few butterflies were out, so I got a couple of them, and even tried for more, but unfortunately, was unsuccessful.  My "neigh"bor has been wearing his beautiful summer duds, and he is a handsome chap, wouldn't you say?  He loves carrots and apples, and enjoys good company.  He has his own cat, who is a bit on the skittish side, but I have only seen him/her a couple of times.  I'm sure that I'll win him over eventually.  I partook a few ripe blackberries, but the peaches still aren't ripe enough.  I'll be watching, though.