Saturday, August 31, 2013

                                          Great Blue Heron in Southern Cove, Nearly Sunset

                                                      Mallard Profile, Silhouetted

                                                   Sunset at Last, Today Draws to an End

2015 hrs./92 degrees/light and variable winds

The cicadas reach a crescendo the closer it gets to sunset, and the symphony rages.  In a cappella, the Eastern Kingbirds penetrate the forefront, as their part draws insects nearer to them.  They feast while they sing.  In the distance, the rays of the heat rise over the water, as Great Egret glides by, then changes its mind, coming from whence it once was.  The shadows over the water have an ethereal quality, and as I inhale, I see the generous beauty of what was given to me to view this mid evening.  Life is a precious commodity, for if we take it for granted, it will be swept away from us without a moment's notice.  Drink deeply of the summer's enchanting call, for it will soon be gone, to be greeted by the quiet stance of autumn. . .