Friday, August 9, 2013

                                                  Canada Geese Feeding on Grass Seed

                                                 Unknown Variety Wild Mushroom

                                                             American Coot

                                                       Mallard Hen Shedding Water

                                                                   Great Egret

                                                         Mallard Portrait in Early Light

                                                            "Isn't She Lovely?"

                                                 My First Sign of Migratory Forster's Terns

                                                 One of Four Forster's Terns Seen Today

                                             Female Red-winged Blackbird Strikes a Pose

0800-1030 hrs./partly cloudy/15 mph wind/72-80 degrees

One of those rare mornings that I am able to get to the lake for perfect ambient light.  With the sightings of the American Coot and the Forster's Tern, there is obviously more southern movement of birds, indicating migration, but at a fairly early stage.  This appears to be two weeks early, so it makes me wonder if we could be in for an early winter.  Let's see how accurate the birds' biological clocks are this season.