Friday, August 16, 2013

                                                        Great Blue Heron at Sunset

                                                   Portrait, Female Red-winged Blackbird

                                                   Immature Northern Mockingbird

                                                                      Great Egret

                                         Female Red-winged Blackbird Straddles Sunflowers


                                                      Marsh Rat Seeking Food

                                                          Immature Mallard Duckling


                                                              Tawny Emperor

The first three of these were from last evening, and the remainder were from this morning.  This morning was 67 degrees, partly cloudy, with light and variable winds.  There was a hint of a sweet aroma in the air and the birds were actively feeding.  It must have rained overnight, for the grass was heavily wet, yet hosted numerous butterflies, also feeding.  It was a rare morning to greet the light of day, as well as my priceless denizens of the lake. Oh, happy morning, and I do hope that you were able to share the same kind of treasures...