Sunday, July 26, 2015

Immature Green Herons Take Notice of the Lay of the Land

                                                              Male Painted Bunting

                                                             Juvenile Eastern Phoebe

                                                           Immature Green Herons

                                                            Immature Green Heron

                                                               Great Blue Heron
                                                             "Back in the Saddle"

                                                          Immature Green Heron

0700-0955/79-88 degrees/cloudy to partly cloudy/light and variable winds

In no uncertain terms, the young Green Herons were going further from the nesting area,
and the eldest was practicing fishing techniques, to some degree.  There is a possibility that
there could be two clutches instead of one.  It would be nice to turn this area into a colony,
which will take a few years, but I believe the site is a good one.  It will take years to establish
this as such, so we will wait to see how this plays out.

A male Painted Bunting has been out and about for a couple of days now, belting out his song
and bringing my attention right to him at the top of this tree.  He remained for a short time, then
went off to seek other venues.

Our Eastern Phoebes are still in residence, and there are six juvenile American Robins to two
parents, which is welcomed in the vicinity that they were in.  Also noticed was at least one
Western Kingbird.  A few young Northern Mockingbirds were raised here, and I have noticed a couple of Brown Thrashers over the past couple of days, too.  Riparian forest is healthy for a number of species, and this is as upcoming area for the city to cultivate.