Monday, July 27, 2015

Houston, We Have a Flight Pattern

                                                               Immature Green Heron

                                                                  Flight Comes Easier

                                                                 Looking Confident

                                                                      More Mature

                                                                    High in a Tree

                                                                  Gaining Wisdom

                                                   The Baby and the Middle Green Heron

                                                                  Natural Behavior

                                                                    Looking Good

                                                                  Irridescent in the Sun



                                                            This Could Be in a Jungle
                                                                  In Another Month

                                                          Juvenile Red-winged Blackbird

                                                             Male Northern Cardinal

                                                                 Great Blue Heron

0655-0925/79-89 degrees F/partly cloudy/17 mph wind gusts

The young Green Herons are progressing quite well.  I witnessed them fly to their positions
a couple of times, and an adult left the area.  They were no doubt being observed by their
kin.  They're looking more mature, gaining confidence, as well as weight and are looking
more like little adult figures.  Since these birds are going to be on their own soon, their
growth is by leaps and bounds.  They left the safety of the nest only eight days ago, and
already they are progressing like young Green Herons should.  I am proud, yet I know my
time with them is limited this year.

Migration will be the most difficult part of their lives, and it won't be easy living where they
will go next, which is determined by their genetic makeup.  Since there are only three of them,
and not the four that there were last year, they might well all come back to me next year.

Even though they aren't gone yet, they will be soon enough.  I know you wish them well as
much as I do, but they were a part of my life every day for the time that they came out of the