Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A Paler Shade of White

                                                         Great Egret, Breeding Plumage


                                                            "Clear for Takeoff"

                                                               "Landing Smoothly"


                                                              "Paler Shade of White"

                                                                 "Facing West"

                                                                    "Wind Blown"

                                                                     "Summer Breeze"

                                                                    Turkey Vulture



                                                                  "Fjording the Creek"

                                                    "Must Have Been Something I Said"

                                                              "A Quiet Moment"

                                                                    "Silent Sounds"

                                                 Scissor-tailed Flycatcher, Recently Fledged

76-86 degrees/0640-0920/partly cloudy/18 mph wind gusts

The star of this show is a Great Egret.  He is still is breeding plumage, but it isn't as
spectacular as it was about a month ago.  A good group of them are in The Northern Reaches
and some will be southbound soon.  At high season, there will be a good ten or twelve on the lake
at one time.

The Turkey Vulture was waiting for access to a meal that was covered up in the road, but I am
not able to tell you what it was, as I didn't see it.

Last but not least, this was a group of six nestlings at one time.  One didn't make it.