Sunday, September 22, 2013

Immature Red-tailed Hawk to Rural American Life

                                                    Immature Red-tailed Hawk in Flight

                                               Immature Red-tailed Hawk with His Mouse

                                               Immature Red-tailed Hawk with Take-Out

                                                       Immature Red-tailed Hawk


                                                               Ditto, in Flight




                                                               "A Star is Born"

                                                  First Time I Ever Saw a Real Buffalo!



                                                                Youthful Pea Bird

                                                                     Pea Hen

                                                                     Pea Fowl

                                                          "The Lovely Couple"

Clear/83 degrees/15 mph winds/between late afternoon and evening

As you can see, today was a wonderful day.  My friend, Jeannie, took me to places that I had never seen before after we stopped at Boomer Lake and got several shots of yesterday's immature Red-tailed Hawk that I spotted yesterday.  Yes, indeed, life is very good!