Sunday, June 4, 2017

Gratuitous Findings at Boomer Lake For All

                                                                   Green Heron

                                                          Great-tailed Grackle #1

                                                              Great-tailed Grackle #2

                                                                   Barn Swallow

                                                         Diamondback Watersnake

                                                             Male Northern Cardinal

                                                              Mallard with Ducklings

                                                             Green Heron in Nest

                                                                Ruddy Shelduck


                                                                  Canada Goslings

05-29 - 06-04-17

This week gave us a little bit of everything for the season, but the Ruddy Shelduck was a
bonus, who I actually saw arrive at 1110 hrs. on 06-03.  This was the original bird that
came to stay with us for about a week.  It then left the area, and I was told by a resident that it
had spent time at The Links, also for nearly a week.

Our Green Heron has been on her nest on and off, again for what seems to be an extended
period of time.

Young birds are in abundance on the lake and many birds have been and are with young.  There are three sets of Mallard ducklings that I know about, and an easy dozen families of Canada Geese.

This male Cardinal's female refused a photograph, as she is presently molting, but he appears to be
in a fresh set of feathers.

It has been more than a challenge to find the Cliff Swallows at rest, but another Barn Swallow managed to accommodate.  When they were here, the Rough-winged Swallows sat en masse upon
a snag.

We experienced a little rough patch of weather, but it wasn't much of a deterrent for the birds.  Let's see what next week holds.