Monday, December 7, 2015

Best of Boomer

                                                         Male Northern Shoveler(left)
                                                         Canvasbacks(Male in center)

                                            American Robin with Eastern Red Cedar Berry

                                                                Pied-billed Grebe

                                                               Pileated Woodpecker

                                                                Great Horned Owl

                                                          Buffleheads(Male on right)

                                                         Immature White-crowned Sparrow

                                                                  American Robin

                                                       Yellow-shafted Northern Flicker

0730-1020 hrs./34-50 degrees F/partly cloudy to sunny/light and variable winds

Today was more like a spring day, rather than going into the throes of winter.  Bird behavior
was about the same for spring, as well.  Besides these beauties, there were also plenty of
Brown-headed Cowbirds, large groups of American Robins, Slate-colored Juncos, and other
birds that are normally making an entrance for the season.

The biggest surprise of the day was a clear shot of the Pileated Woodpecker and a rather respectable shot of an adult Great Horned Owl, who I have been hearing on-and-off.  I know that there is
another one in the area.  Hopefully, Boomer Lake will host a nest for them, and if I can keep a handle on their whereabouts, maybe I can get photos of the young, too.  We'll just have to hope for the best.