Thursday, August 14, 2014

Green Heron Fledglings, Day 4

                                                           Black-crowned Night-Heron

                                                        "Here's Lookin' at You, Kid."

0700-0845/partly cloudy/light and variable winds/67-72 degrees

The young Green Herons are learning rapidly, but the Black-crowned Night-Heron sowed up and tossed a monkey wrench into the pot today.  This larger heron was new to the youngsters, and they were afraid and had no idea on how to react with this monster over their heads.  They kept still and silent, but when the Night-Heron went into their tree where the nest is, both parents reacted by going within the tree, too.  The parents emerged in approximately ten minutes, but I have no knowledge on what happened with the Night-Heron.  Everyone went about their business, though cautiously and silently.  Both parents stayed close, although they expected problems.  The Great Blue Heron was oblivious to everything, and remained on his usual snag in the Southern Cove.