Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Debut of Green Heron Fledglings on Boomer Lake 08-11-14

                                                  First Three Green Heron Chicks Fledged

                                                          Pair of Green Heron Fledglings

                                                          Fourth Green Heron Chick

                                                           Eastern Tiger Swallowtail


                                                          Fourth Young Green Heron

                                                            A Green Heron Parent


                                                                     Mallard Hen

                                                  Green Heron Fledgling Perches in a Tree

                                                Green Heron Fledgling Notes Its Reflection

                                                    Two Youngsters Decide What to Do

                                                             Off to See the Parents

                                     Great Blue Heron is Disturbed by the Green Heron Clan

The past two days had wonderful weather, and my surprise for the day was fledgling Green Herons.  I knew that they were there, and they debuted today to learn and study the world.  The parents were present and provided some wonderful instructional guidance.  However, the herons watched and learned beforehand, to see what was going to transpire.  They were and are quick studies, but it will be about another four weeks before they leave their parents.  If they leave this area, they won't go far, perhaps a little south of here, though they could travel to Central America.  However, that is quite a distance for birds that were born so late in the season.  These birds have several predators, including alligators, raccoons, snakes, and half the young birds are fortunate to make it to adulthood.  It is a hard life.  Just for trivia, the oldest Green Heron was almost eight years old.