Monday, February 6, 2017

Days 6 and 7 Have Some Handy Waterfowl

                                                                   Black Phoebe

                                                             Orange-crowned Warbler

                                                                     Least Grebe

                                              American Avocets (Non-breeding Plumage)

                                                                   American Avocet

                                                               Sora (Rear, By Reeds)

                                                                  Sora (Same Location)

                                                                        Mottled Duck

                                                      Blue-winged Teal (Far Left)
                                                      Northern Shoveler (Center)

                                                                Northern Shoveler


                                                               Northern Shoveler (Left)
                                                                Northern Pintail (Right)

                                                                 Green-winged Teal

                                                                  Northern Shoveler


01-19 through 01-20-17

The Black Phoebe is another endemic bird of specifically this area, and my shot was
relatively successful.  At the time, a Border Patrol chopper was flying overhead (yes, I waved)
two more were running down a steep embankment toward the river which border this area, and
arrest two people crossing the river from Mexico to our side.  Since Mexico owns the Rio Grande,
it is somewhat easier to arrest people.  The important this was that even with all that ruckus, I still
got my Black Phoebe!

The Least Grebe also hails from southern Texas and can be easily identified with that yellow eye.

The American Avocets are still in non-breeding plumage in January.  This set of one-behind-the-
other appealed to me, as it was perfectly set.

The little Sora, can be found in any wet, marshy habitat and commonly winters in the area.

The Mottled Duck in easy to identify with the bright yellow bill.

Even though the Northern Pintail is a common duck, I had to come to Texas in order to get a
good photo, as they tend to be further away.

Ospreys are good for showing up in any vicinity that hosts fish, but I had no warning for this shot.
One more second and this bird would have been over a building.  The shadows always tell!