Saturday, February 4, 2017

And Then There Was a Distinction

                                                                      Ross's Goose

                                                                Male Carolina Wren

                                                                    Ross's Goose

January 2017

There were only a couple of freezes during the month, neither of which was very hard.  Since I was
in Texas for half the month working on photos of their endemic birds on the Lower Rio Grande Valley, very little was obtained at home.

However, you can see that it was more of the uncommon variety.  The Ross's Goose is no rarity, by
any stretch, but it comes less often than most winter birds.  The rarer flight shot was due to the fact that a couple of college students had come to feed gulls and geese, and my little goose was in fear,
so it moved elsewhere, coming relatively close for me to get this nice flight shot.

In the second shot, you can notice the size difference between the Canada and Ross's Goose with them so close together.

This Carolina Wren is from the Boomer Creek area and I have met him a few times.  He was toying
with me when I just got home (I went birding that same afternoon).  He would appear at various locations and duck away again.  He nearly found the perfect location for this shot, yet several branches were in the way and I had to work around him, but he was quite close.