Monday, February 29, 2016

The Birds are Calling You

                                                              Great Blue Heron

                                                                  Male Redhead

                                                           Male Red-winged Blackbird

                                                                    Mallard Hen

                                                                      Mallard Pair

                                                          Male Downy Woodpecker

                                                              Male Northern Cardinal

                                                            Female Northern Cardinal

0715-0955 hrs./39-59 degrees F/sunny/light and variable winds

Birds were everywhere this morning, and their mating calls resounded.  They are already
gathering nesting materials and some are even nesting.  I have seen the commonest House
Sparrow carrying feathers for inside the nest cup which will be closest to the eggs.  American Robins already have a brood patch, which is exposed skin that will be warmest up against the egg.  The
Killdeer are everywhere, mostly on the jetties, and life is good on Boomer Lake.  I think you'll
agree with me.