Monday, May 4, 2015

The Finale: On the Way Home from Texas, We Saw...

                                                                 Orange Fungus

                                                                Cypress Knees

                                                                   Marsh Rabbit

                                                             Red-headed Woodpecker

The first three pictures were in an area with another cypress swamp, Big Thicket's Kirby Trail,
the Cypress Loop.  There were no interesting water moccasins, but there were birds galore.
Sadly, we were unable to see them due to the denseness of the area.  We saw a Pileated
Woodpecker at a glance, but there was no hope for a photo.  The Red-headed Woodpecker was seen at there Big Thicket Sundew Trail, but we never got to see the rare Red-cockaded Woodpecker at
Angelina Forest, nor did we spot the Brown-headed Nuthatch, another uncommon bird.  Perhaps next time!

However, we saw this wonderful frog at the Tulsa Arboretum and a pile of three of them, but that picture didn't come out.