Monday, May 25, 2015

And After the Rain, Sunshine Flows Like Gold

                                                       Great Blue Heron with Fish

                                                           Striped Skunk(polecat)

                                                                     Bell's Vireo

                                                                    European Starling
                                                                   (Recently Fledged)


0830-1040/68-73 degrees/partly cloudy/20 mph wind gusts

Finally, I was able to get out without being rained upon for seven days!  The highlight is
the first fledgling that I have seen for the season, the European Starling.  There's also
a beautiful Carolina Wren that has been perching upon my fence for several days, so the
camera is set up at the back door.  He is calling for a female, and if he permits me to get a
photo, I will help him locate one.

The striped skunk is the first that I have seen at the lake this year, which was actually a week
ago, between raindrops, of course.  It is definitely a female, as she raised her head when a crying baby was being pushed past her in a buggy.  Any female in the animal kingdom takes notice of that.