Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sooner Lake Christmas Bird Count and Vicinity

                                                              Bald Eagle in Nest

                                                                   Bald Eagle

                                                        Sheep(Across From Eagle's Nest)

                                                 Brahma Bull(Nearly Under Eagle's Nest)

                                                      Recently Born Lamb with Mother

Lamb Close Up

48-54 degrees/mostly Cloudy/35 mph wind gusts/0800-1700 hrs.

This was my first participation in Audubon's Christmas Bird Count and we had a 15-mile square
area near Sooner Lake.  We observed a number of beds, including Red-tailed, Harlan's, Cooper's   Hawks, a Prairie Falcon, Kestrels, Bald Eagles, numerous passerines, Canada Geese, an assortment of ducks, etc.  There will be more coming up on Saturday, so do stay tuned.