Saturday, December 20, 2014

Most Notable Highlights of Our Second Day of Christmas Bird Count

                                                                 Great Blue Heron

                                                      Two Tom Turkeys with Hen

                                                    Two Tom Turkeys with Another Hen

                                                               Greater Roadrunner


36-46 degrees/partly cloudy/light and variable winds/0730-1430

This was our second day of the Christmas Bird Count, and here are some of the notable mentions
on this date.  My highlight was the Greater Roadrunner, which I had first seen last spring.  This
character was posing for me today instead of running.  There was a ground of sixty turkeys seen first thing in the morning, and the displays were impressive.  There were only these two males among
females.  Last but not least, here are a few steer that happened to be in the area.