Saturday, September 27, 2014

Once Upon the Fall

                                                                 Brown Thrasher

                                                                  Great Egret
                                                                "Wings Wide"

                                                                       Great Egret


                                                                   Ready to Fly

                                                                       In Flight

                                                            Juvenile Common Grackle

                                                              Northern Mockingbird

                                                          Juvenile European Starling

                                                               Northern Mockingbird

15 mph winds/0730-1000 hrs./partly cloudy/63-76 degrees

There were a good twenty Great Egrets on the water with a handful of Great Blue Herons.  This is the time of year when the Egrets have always outnumbered the herons, which means that they won't be with us much longer.  The Scissor-tailed Flycatchers still remain with s, the young ones strengthening their wings for their southern voyages.  Some may stay as near as Texas, but others will go to Central and South America, where they will set up camp for our winter.  They won't even have a climate change, other than the fact that they will be in the tropics.

The persimmons are getting riper, and with first frost, they will be exquisite for cookies, chutney, persimmon butter, pudding, cake and pie.  We are fortunate that these can be obtained on the roadsides, along with pawpaws, and pecans.  During this time of year, we can live of the land to some degree.