Monday, April 7, 2014

A Gadwall and Beaver Day

                                                      Gadwall Showing Authority

                                                       Gadwall Pair(Male on Top)

                                                              Gadwall Skirmish

                                                      Gadwall Grouping(Male in Center)

                                 Male Red-winged Blackbird Emulating Eastern Meadowlark

                                                          Beaver Working on Dam

                                                               View of Beaver

                                                             Beaver Taking His Swim

                                                                 American Robin

                                                     Male Red-winged Blackbird in Flight

                                                                 Brown Thrasher

                                                              Brown Thrasher in Song

0715-0825/partly cloudy/49 degrees/10 mph winds

An early morning vigil before work certainly paid off, just like I'd hoped it would.  Most of these shots were obtained just prior to sunrise, namely the Red-winged Blackbird and the beaver.  During the morning, there were two mimics in my midst--the Red-winged Blackbird was mimicking an Eastern Meadowlark, and had me fooled, until I caught him doing it.  The Brown Thrasher is also a mimic, as is our well-known Northern Mockingbird.  It was a stupendous morning for me.