Monday, February 3, 2014

White Rock Lake Denizens

                                                      Chinese Crested Goose(Domestic)


                                                               Ring-billed Gulls

                                            American White Pelican with Breeding Plumage

                                                      American White Pelican in Flight


                                                            Male Great-tailed Grackle

                                                    American White Pelicans Socializing

                                                               Male Greater Scaup

                                                                 Great White Pelican

                                                 Ditto, with American Coot Under Branch

                                                       Female Great-tailed Grackle

                                                           Chinese Crested Goose

                                                              Water "Frozen" in Time

                                                 Brown Chinese Crested Goose(Domestic)

73 degrees on January 31, imagine that?  I didn't have to imagine, as I was there in living color.
This was my first time in Dallas, just a small part of it spent at this wonderfully reading lake.