Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Chilly Winter Mornings Still Hang On

                                                            Male Canvasback

                                                              "Quiet--Fishing Zone"

                                                         Great Blue Heron Hops

                                                                "Stealth Mode"

                                                            "Come to Me, My Sweet"

                                                                  "Belting It Out"

                                                          Male Bufflehead in Flight

                                                      Bufflehead Pair(Male on Bottom)

                                                        Male Red-winged Blackbird


                                                                  "The Limbo"

                                                         Cedar Waxwing Portrait

                                                               American Robin

                                                         Northern Cardinal

Mornings were quite chilly, especially with that biting wind this week.  The birds say that it is spring,
but I have to disagree with them at the moment.  Hopefully, they are holding off on laying those eggs,
as it is not time.  Biological clocks will be off again this year, as the Arctic blast is still here.  Just ask
the folks in the north...