Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Take a Walk on the Wildest Side

                                                               "Cock Robin"

                                                        American Goldfinch in the Chill

                                                                European Starlings

                                                                   "Icy Perch"

                                                        "Amber Waves of Grain"


                                                 "Struttin' His Stuff", Great Blue Heron

                                                               "Landing Gear Down"

                                                              "The Balancing Act"

                                                                "Easy Does It"

                                                            "Time for a Cool Change"

                                                                  "Room for Two"

                                                              Mallards in Flight

                                                      "Where's Mine?", Ring-billed Gulls

                                                                 "The Skirmish"

Mostly Cloudy/31 degrees/20 mph winds/0820-1030 hrs

It was cold, make no doubts about that.  It was a good day for Great Blue Herons at the Northern Reaches.  The Rookery is active, as suspected, for they are thinking about pairing off.  At one point, there were a half dozen GBHEs on the ice, some quite capable masters at navigation on that medium.  Still others were scrambling for footing, and as can be noted, some of the dance movements were interesting.