Sunday, January 5, 2014

Land of Beauty--Time of Reverence

                                                             Canada Geese

                                                                 Canada Geese

                                                                 Canada Goose

                                                          Llama(Left) with Donkeys

                                                   Deb Standing in This Morning's Snow

                                                     Ross's Goose Amid Cackling Geese

Partly Cloudy/21 degrees with 3 degree Wind Chill/20-25 mph wind

Yours Truly was out and about twice today, both morning and mid-afternoon.  Snow touched down around 0400 hrs. today, and it was necessity to get out for the surprises that were in store.  The tribe of Cackling Geese flew in from the Great White North due to lack of food, and came to Stillwater, OK, for a much deserved rest and a little sustenance.  This event occurred in the neighborhood of 1445 hrs.  and this was the first Snow Goose that I have seen this year, let alone be able to photograph.