Tuesday, September 3, 2013

                                                Grasshopper Perching on Wild Sunflower

                                                          Eastern Kingbirds Scatter

                                                    European Starling Reflecting Light

                                                 Eastern Kingbird Surveys His Subjects

                                                               Mallards at Sunset

                                                         Wild Sunflower Backlit

                                                    Three Mallards Just Before Sunset

                                                      Kiss of Night at Water Tower

Which is the most remarkable for you?  Sunrise or sunset?  The cool of morning, or the final heat of the waning light?  Are you a morning or a night person?

I can enjoy coffee and reflections of my day during either time, and honestly, this is a deep time of day for me.  It allows me to process the new day, or retrieve the events of the final aspects of my day.  In any event, sleep well, dream of beauty, and awaken refreshed for a new day with a cleansing breath in the light of the morn...