Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Days 8-10--More Birding On a Shoestring At the Lower Rio Grande Valley

                                                                 Green Kingfisher

                                                              Blue-winged Teal Pair

                                                           American White Pelicans

                                                           Reddish Egret, White Morph

                                                                  White-tailed Hawk

                                                             Black-crested Titmouse

01-21 through 01-23-17

The weather has been excellent from the start, save for a couple of overcast days, but I
didn't even think about your ice storm, since I was able to leave a day early.

Highlights of this period were the Green Kingfisher and the Gray Hawk, but I must boast
several raptors during the trip that I never would have had in Oklahoma.

On the way back to the hotel was the best bird viewing, including this rare Reddish Egret,
the white morph.  The usual Reddish Egret is difficult enough to find unless you're in
this area, so I took full advantage and waited a few minutes for proper conditions.

This trip also hosted a few parrots, but since we had never been to the area, it was more difficult to get good shots.  I do promise that you'll see a couple of wild parrot species later!

I was also on a mission to get all the doves, and I did that, so there are more of those to come, too.