Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Secret of The Northern Reaches

                                                            Great Blue Heron, Daybreak

                                                            Green Heron Adult, Family #2


                                                                      Ditto, On Alert

                                                         Ditto, Thinking About Fishing

                                                                       Ditto, Disturbed

                                                                       Mallard Hen

                                                            Mississippi Kite in Flight

                                                                Turkey Vulture in Flight

                                                              Northern Reaches, #1

                                                                Northern Reaches, #2

                                                               Great Blue Heron Sunning

                                                            Gulf Fritillary on Sunflower

0715-0930/partly cloudy/light and variable winds/74-82 degrees

Numerous birds were at the Northern Reaches, including two Belted Kingfishes, an assortment of woodpeckers, several Eastern Kingbirds.  Now is the time to build up weight and get ready for migration.  The Kites were calling and everywhere they went a drove of ducks came toward me.