Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Photos Made For a Canvas

                                                          Spiderweb During Fog

                                                               Juvenile Mourning Dove

                                                      Today's Sunrise, East Side of Lake

                                                           Green Heron in First Light

                                                          Injured Great Blue Heron

                                                             "Mallards in the Morning"

                                                           Canada Goose Hits the Water

                                                 Great Blue Heron(front) and Great Egret

                                                             My Green Heron Escort

                                                                    Gulf Fritillary

                                                              One of Four Green Heron

                                                                  Great Blue Heron

                                                            Green Heron Just Landed

                                                               Great Egret Stretches

                                                                 Great Egret Fishing

                                                                "Fruits of His Labor"

                                                                Northern Mockingbird
                                                               "Shadows Become Me"

                                                                   Great Blue Heron

These are pictures from a couple of days.  The injured Great Blue Heron was discovered today, ad a warden was contacted.  His ankle and foot were swollen, most likely from fishing line wrapped around the foot.  The last that I heard was that the warden was attempting to capture the heron, but he flew off. Our warden wasn't giving up, according to a Stillwater City employee.  We have terrific city workers and a good warden that cares for our birds.