Tuesday, January 28, 2014

After the Snow

                                                               American Robin



                                                                   Canada Goose

                                                                 Canada Goose on Ice

                                                       Cedar Waxwing with Berry

                                                            American Robin Hops

                                                   Cedar Waxwing Portraits, As Follows

Light and Variable Wind/partly cloudy/15 degrees with 5 degree Wind Chill/0815-0900

Due to the fact that there was no wind today, made for a much better photo shoot.  Once again, there are patches of ice and clear water, but with this new Arctic blast, the lake will freeze again fully.  My timing this morning allowed for some good feeding shots, and I lasted a lot longer on the lake than I did yesterday.  There was a dusting of snow overnight, but you'd never know it.