Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Swan and Several Ducks

                                                                Great Blue Heron


                                                                 House Sparrow

                                                            Canada Geese in Flight

                                                               Trumpeter Swan

                                                                   Mallard Pair

                                              Forefront, American Wigeon, Cayuga Cross

                                                              Trumpeter Swan

                                                       American Wigeon in Flight

                                             Male Mallard on Left, Center Cayuga-Mallard
                                           Cross, Forefront American Wigeon-Cayuga Cross

                                                          Male American Wigeon

0815-1030 hrs./clear/12-31 degrees/15 mph winds

The weather was a lot more palatable than yesterday, and we had a new visitor.  This swan is from the Arctic, and I saw it fly in alone.  This is another bird that made a long flight.  I observed it resting on the ice for about an hour, it could have been even more.  It was quite a distance from me, and when I go from the east side of the lake to the west side in hopes for a better shot, it is a big deal.